10 settings that must be turned on or off when buying a new iPhone 14

More and more people have already got the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. How do you feel about using them? Today, I will share with you 10 functions and settings that must be turned on or off after getting the iPhone 14, so that you can use the iPhone more easily.

In addition, even if you are not an iPhone 14 user, you can check to see if these functions of your iPhone have been set correctly.


01. Turn on Optimized Battery Settings

Turn on the optimized battery setting of the iPhone, which will charge the battery to 80% with fast charging when you are charging, and then use a smaller current to determine that you want to use the iPhone according to your past habits in the iOS system Fill it up to 100% before the time is right.

This approach can reduce the loss of battery health and prolong battery life.


02. Turn on the always-on display mode

If you are an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max user, you can turn on the always-display AOD mode, so that you can still see the time and Widget information after the iPhone enters the lock screen.


03. Turn on the camera to save the settings

Through the "Settings" → "Camera" → "Retain Settings" option, you can keep the iPhone camera mode, custom control items, etc., to maintain the settings of the last time the camera was turned on.

For example, I originally set the ratio of taking photos to 16:9, but when I turn off the camera and turn it on again, the ratio of taking photos will change back to 4:3, but if I turn on the "custom control item" in the reserved settings, every time After the camera is turned offand on again, the last camera setting will be maintained. In the above example, the 16:9 will not change back to 4:3.


04. Turn on the mirror flip of the front camera

The picture seen by the front camera in the viewing window is what we look like when we look in the mirror, but the final image will be upside down. If you want to see the same left and right position as the picture when shooting, you can set "Set "→"Camera"→"Front Camera Mirror Flip" This function is turned on.


05. Turn on to prevent the lock from being used to end calls

If you accidentally press the power button (side button) during a call, it will automatically turn off the screen and hang up the phone.

If you don't want to accidentally hang up other people's calls, you can turn on the "Prevent the lock from being used to end the call" function from the "Settings" → "Accessibility" → "Touch" function, so that you will not be careless to the side key to hang up the call.

06. Turn off the macro auto control

Apple has added macro photography to the iPhone 13 Pro, but this feature often makes you flash when taking pictures. Some people find it very disturbing. You can go through the options of "Settings" → "Camera" → "Macro Control" To switch the macro automatic control function.

If you turn on the switch of this function, it means that you want to use the manual switch of the macro control, and then a small flower symbol will appear next to the window of the switch, through which the macro mode can be manually switched.

07. Turn off in-app ratings and comments

Sometimes halfway through the game and halfway through the app operation, a request to rate you will pop up, which is a bit annoying. You can turn this option off through the option "Settings" → "App Store" → "In-App Ratings and Reviews", the App will no longer pop up a request to invite you to give a review.


08. Close the Photos App and use mobile data to update

If you are using the iCloud library, the photos taken on other devices will be synced to your iPhone through the iCloud library, but if you do not have a very urgent need for such an update, then I would suggest that you close the photo app and use the action Data update this option.

After the "Photo App uses mobile data update" is turned off, the photo library will only be updated when you are connected to Wi-Fi, including uploading and downloading, which can save network traffic, even if you are full network, which can also reduce power consumption.

You can go to "Settings" → "Photos" → "Mobile Data" to turn off the "Mobile Data" function.

09. Disable automatic download and installation of iOS updates

Although Apple always encourages everyone to install updates as soon as they are available, we recommend that minor updates or security updates be installed. Larger versions of updates may sometimes cause power consumption, heat, or freeze issues. We do not Be sure to let the iPhone update automatically. You can wait to see if there is any disaster report before installing it.

You can go to "Settings" → "General" → "Software Update".

You can find the "Update Items" function in it, go in, and turn off "Download iOS Update Items" and "Install iOS Update Items".

10. Turn off power-hungry items you don't use

Many location services that are enabled by default in the system may not be used by you, so you can turn them off to reduce the power consumption caused by continuous positioning.

To turn off the positioning settings in the system, you can go to "Settings" → "Privacy and Security" → "Location Services".

Scroll to the bottom to see the location function of "System Services". Go into this location function, and you can see which items have no arrow symbols next to them, which means that you have not used them recently. If you have not used them for a long time there, it can be closed.



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